Just a chinese Malaysian computer geeks that have the opportunity to work in US for some years. Love photography and movies too.
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July 18, 2004 by Sharpliner
Well.. Asian Cup 2004 had just started with China drew with Bahrain, 2 2. The last few days here was rather hectic. It all started on the 15th.......

I woke up at 5.30 on the 15th... Feeling a little blur, I make myself a Nescafe and did some final packing and trying to remember what else I didn;t put into my luggage.. Luckily I notice my notebook power cable wasn;t packed!!!! if I had forgotten that then it will be a very long 3 week in China. Wife took me to Subang Parade and not long after...
July 7, 2004 by Sharpliner
Well... Asian Cup 2004 (Football) will start on the coming July 17. I will be in one of the venue for 3 weeks and get a first hand look of how the competition is being coordinated. I will be posting my experience here and will take as much photos as possible. Since Greece won the Euro, we're expecting another under dog to stands up during this competition.
July 4, 2004 by Sharpliner
Its been a year and a half since I move back to my home country from US. I had been living in the land of 10,000 lakes for 6 years, 6 wonderful years. Over here, many people are curious about the life in US and my answer would be or would mean... they treat us much better than our own people here, at least true in the city I lived in when in US.

People are always on the struggle in my country. Making money is everything in our lifes. We used up more than 80% of our time finding it. Most peop...
June 27, 2004 by Sharpliner
Well... with whats happening around the Internet recently, Cybersist.com now offers free 50MB for disposal. The total diskspace can be used for webmail, photos, file storage or your lifetime blogs . I think this is better than what hotmail, yahoo mail or even gmail offers since you can use the disk space for multiple purposes.
March 14, 2004 by Sharpliner
My website www.cybersist.com had been online for 2.5 months now. I had made multiple changes since the last 2.5 months especialy the public blogs and photos. Most significant change is now is user can access their public blog or photos directly from the url, ie cybersist.com/users/blog/ or cybersist.com/users/photo/. There are certainly a lot more to be done on the public blog and photo section especialy more integration between blogs and photos. I know there are other part of the website that...
February 13, 2004 by Sharpliner
I had just released my website at www.cybersist.com. The project goes back 3 years as I was develop something similar for my own use. Last year I decided to make it commercial and spent 6-7 months part time in developing what is called Cybersist.com now. Is basically a complete Personal Information Management (PIM) web application with personal email, contact list, calendar, blogs, photos sharing, file storage and many more. Its like Yahoo.. but with same interface. You can even change your own ...
December 18, 2003 by Sharpliner
I am sure that Return of the King is in the next-to-watch list for most movie goers. The last two episode have went smooth without much critics. After a dissapointing display from Neo and the gang, I am sure a lot of people are in dire need of a BO that could satisfy their hunger for a closure. I think ROTK is at a perfect position to break all BO records. Holidays is comming, dow is above 10k, Saddam is captured and also dissapointed matrix fans...... I do hope finally it can break Titanic's d...
December 17, 2003 by Sharpliner
Hmm.. how did I got here.. first was googling for virus file scanner for linux, then side tracked to check on google's AdWords, then check what Ad comes up with the 'blog' keywords..... and here I am.. Read Brad's interesting profile. Was working with Window Blinds before on my previous project. Had enough adventure for today... oh.. LOTR evening show was fully booked until 22nd December in Malaysia.. maybe can sneak out at lunch time to watch it at noon